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GETxGo -Simplifying safety. Connecting communities.

GetxGo is a ready-made emergency bag designed for the modern day

A fire and water resistant emergency kit, connecting and preparing you on all fronts.
Our world has endured a lot. Global catastrophes feel like they keep appearing in our headlines and never stop. No one is ever truly ready for these events.
Introducing GetxGo: A fire and water resistant emergency kit, connecting and preparing you on all fronts. We’ve simplified safety, and designed an emergency kit that builds resilience with the tools and essentials you need to get going. 
Be ready to go at home, work, and out and about. 

Your personal safety—at home, in the workplace and public spaces—has always been important. That’s why we’ve designed something to be with you in any situation.  The versatility of our kits and the items inside give you the option and protection to grab and go wherever and whenever you want.
Go Kit
The Go Kit is our slightly smaller, and more compact kit. Designed in response to a variety of scenarios we might catch ourselves in, whether you’re taking life one stride at a time or you’re constantly on the move. Get to work or hit the road with the Go Kit.

Smartly organized & sorted by 6 categories:
Tools + Communication + Warmth + Safety + First Aid + Food & Water
We’ve gone beyond the necessary:
Food, water, first aid supplies, and essential tools...and included items to suit customer's modern needs, including:
A solar powered phone charge, pepper spray, biodegradable sanitary items and more.. 30 items

We also include a user-friendly app for planning and education. 

  • Connects users with their communities
  • Keep personal checklists and copies of important documents
  • Stay informed

Pre-launch Reviews

"As someone in their late 20s living in New York City, having the Go Kit at home with the option to take it out with me, would give me a lot of peace of mind. I think the kits are well-designed, yet subtle, so that is an important selling point for me!"
Caitlin, late 20s, NYC

"The messaging really sells it! I'm impressed with how awesome this kit is."
Tori, late 20s, San Diego

"Sign me up for it! This is what I need"
 Cassie, early 30s, San Francisco

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