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Mayday Emergency Food Bar - 400 Calorie(110/box) Family of 4 for 9 days

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Total Calories: 44,000 cal | Base on avg 1200 cal & 2000 cal per person per day.

Family Size of 4 

Family Size of 3 Family Size of 2 Family Size of 1
1200 cal/day 9 days 12 days 18 days A month
2000 cal/day 5.5 days 7 days 11 days 21 days


5 Year Shelf Life Food Bar - Case of 110

Mayday Industries is one of the leaders in emergency food, water, and other preparation supplies. Emergency food pouches come individually packed with a 400-calorie bar per pack. Apple cinnamon flavor with a 5-year shelf life and is "non-thirst provoking". So you won't dry your mouth out after eating one of these bars

  • Can be stored outside up to 149 degrees (°F) and down to -22 degrees (°F)
  • Can be eaten without preparation.
  • Contains all recommended vitamins
  • 400 Calorie per pack
  • Apple cinnamon flavor
  • Weight: 3oz

This is a high-energy food bar that is non-thirst-provoking and made from all-natural ingredients (400 cal per bar).

Made in America.