GETXGO Is Launched: Protecting the Oceans and Yourself

GETXGO Is Launched: Protecting the Oceans and Yourself

Today is World Oceans Day - “A day for humanity to celebrate the ocean”.  

getxgo launched on world oceans day(@unworldoceansday)

We love our planet and the beautiful oceans that cover most of its surface.  In partnership with Public Goods, we chose today to launch our new grab-and-go prep kit, The GO Kit, to highlight the need to be kind to our planet and acknowledge Public Goods contributions to make it a better place. The oceans are central to all life and their health depends on humanity committing to a more sustainable relationship with them. 

getxgo The GO Kit

 Why World Oceans Day?

This day, designated by the United Nations, is a day for us all to pay respect to the ocean’s role in the earth’s ecosystem and to consider what we can do to help maintain this critical life-giving resource.  We are all fundamentally dependent on the health of the oceans as they interconnect with all life on this planet.   

The importance of the oceans cannot be understated as they regulate climate, capture carbon, sustain livelihoods and provide nourishment for humanity.  It is no longer sustainable for humankind to continue taking from nature without realizing our very existence is dependent on it.  

Humans for many years have been extracting more than they have replenished.  In fact, 90% of big fish populations are depleted and 50% of the world's coral reefs are destroyed.  

We must learn to better protect and honor our valuable resources on this planet.  

We can help heal and bring abundance to the oceans by making conscientious decisions to reduce waste, using products that aren’t harmful to the environment, reducing our dependence on greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels, and limiting our consumption of resources not easily replenished.

Understanding Change & Being Prepared

We believe the relationship between natural disasters and climate change needs no explanation.  As part of a continuing trend, North America experienced a record number of fires and major storms last year. Countless people were caught off guard and unprepared for the unexpected disruptions to their lives.  Yes, as part of sustained rise in ocean temperatures, global weather continues to become more severe and less predictable.

We at GetxGo understand the implications of these changes and are committed to helping people be prepared for what cannot be expected.  We are proud to introduce a smart new grab-and-go bag, the GO Kit, a modernized line of fire and water-resistant & waterproof emergency kits. We’ve simplified safety and designed emergency kits that build resilience with the tools and essentials needed to keep going.

Our mission is to provide a common sense preparedness solution that everyone can use.  We have done so by modernizing the design, portability, organization, components, and functionality for present day life.  Being prepared is something that everyone should do confidently without exceptional fuss.

Grab-and-Go with The GO Kit

The GO Kit

Designed in response to various scenarios we might catch ourselves in, whether taking life one stride at a time or constantly on the move, get to work or hit the road with the GO Kit

The GO Kit is a modernized all-in-one preparedness kit with over 40 smartly organized essentials.  From solar-powered phone chargers, biodegradable sanitary items, and first aid supplies, the GO Kit is here to equip and support modern citizens.  The waterproof or fire-resistant Go Kits are what have been missing on the market, with their clean, compact, and easy to use design.  No longer will prepping be an intimidating and obscure task.

The GO Kit gives confidence for the unknown.  With its original fold out design, divided into six quick access categories: tools, communication, warmth, first aid, safety, and food & water; the GO Kit will be ready when needed.

Designed to be used at home, the office or on the road, The GO Kit is ready for any situation.  The versatility of the GO Kit and the items inside provide the option and protection to grab and go wherever and whenever needed.

Aspiring to Public Goods beautiful design esthetic, the GO Kit eschews the lurid look one might expect of such a product with a calming understated neutral design that will feel at place in a contemporary home. 

Our Sustainability Efforts

We’re committed to treading lightly on the planet by taking the necessary steps to deliver more environmentally friendly products.  We chose to partner with Public Goods because of their exemplary commitment to their core values of quality, sustainability, beautiful design, and value.  These values are also central to our consideration of the planet and mission to do our part.   

We’re working towards our sustainable goals by utilizing minimalist recycled packaging and selecting sugar cane based plastics when possible.  Central to the GO Kits will be Public Goods’ sustainably produced hand sanitizer, feminine pads, facial tissue, and bamboo toothbrushes.  We know every effort counts as we build toward a more sustainable society.  

Start Making a Difference Today

Do your part today and be kind to the oceans and yourself.  Please help spread the sustainable cause and support our goal, of helping society be better prepared for a changing world, by supporting our launch campaign today on Indiegogo. Get yours today! 

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