GetxGo Grab-and-Go Preparedness Kit is Pre-order Now



GetxGo was created by Shilu Zou and Joe Hamersma. After recent global events and their own experiences growing up in earthquake & fire-prone areas, they realized there clearly was a need for people to be more prepared.  

When speaking to friends and family, and researching available emergency kits, they realized that none of the products really addressed most people’s needs, or just weren't compelling enough to get purchased. Most companies just stuffed a bunch of supplies together in a cheap backpack with little or no organization, while the rest are seemingly made for hardcore survivalists. 

For Shilu and Joe, there had to be a better emergency preparedness option that responded to a variety of circumstances different groups of people might find themselves in.

Learning from their combined personal and business consumer product experiences, Shilu and Joe are committed to helping society become better prepared for unknown risks by providing modern and thoughtful solutions.


Over 25 years combined consumer products experience in the apparel, home, accessories, small electronics, and cosmetics industries. Thorough understanding of retail store environments. Extensive global connections and business network of on the ground personnel.
Partnerships with complimentary organizations ensuring on time and professional delivery.


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