Who are you?

Joe and Shilu live in San Francisco and work in the tech and luxury goods industries.

Where did the masks come from?

All the masks are made in the Shenzhen region of China and exported to us.

Why are you selling them?

We have access to supply from the source when there isn't supply.

How do you ship?

USPS Priority Mail

How long will it take?

Priority Mail normally takes two days but has been slower recently.

What is the Quality?

We review all the certification documents and vet all the sources for truthfulness of origin and minimum quality standards.

What is the in person pick up process?

Once you place the order and it is ready, you will receive a separate email us with a pickup schedule, pickup location, and contact information.

May I return if not satisfied?

Please contact us if you have any issues. Satisfaction is our goal.

Will a tracking number be issued?

One the purchase ships, you will get an email notification with the tracking number.

Can I supply my own shipping account number for expedited delivery?

Yes.  Please choose pickup option at checkout and send us an email or text us to schedule a pick up. info@getxgo.com or 415 -205-1930

Are your prices reasonable?

Supplies are very expensive at the moment and we have paid to secure when there is intense competition.  We're quality and vetted product for as low as we can.  

May I see them before I purchase?

As long as your are local, we'll be happy to show you samples in person.

Don't see your question?

Call or email us!