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READY Pack Shell

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Keep your survival essentials packed and ready to grab-and-go in our Ready Pack. A change of clothes, food, tools, cash, safety, copies of important documents, or first aid, pack what suits your needs.  The Ready Pack is spacious enough for all your essentials.

Choose from fire-resistant or waterproof materials to best fit your situation.  

Fire/water-resistant Silicone coated fiberglass withstand up to 1000°C (1832°F) 
Waterproof 500D PVC Tarpaulin
READY Pack Size 19.5in x 13in x 5in
Document Pouch Size 15in x 11in

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getxgo ready pack
getxgo fireproof bag
A line of fire and water-resistant & waterproof READY Pack, connecting and preparing you on all fronts.

GetxGo fire-resistant material is B1 certified - Hardly flammable 
Continuous fire-tolerant: 30 mins - 2.5 hrs with temperatures up to 500°F
Flamethrower/ immediate flames: Withstands flames up to 1832°F

GetxGo waterproof material is a high-graded  500D PVC Tarpaulin

getxgo document pouch
getxgo document pouch

Protect important documents with the Document Pouches

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Have peace of mind and give this backpack, with its included document pouch, a place in your home.  Keep ready-packed personal items like a change of clothes, spare medications, and copies of your important documents.

Getxgo Go bag

Designed in response to various scenarios we might catch ourselves in, whether you’re taking life one stride at a time or you’re constantly on the move. Get to work or hit the road with the READY Pack.

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